Azzylum's Default Brush Set for Procreate

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Pack contains 29 pen-sensitive brushes.

The brushes are designed with the focus on the pen sensivity to achieve SAI-like smooth strokes and soft blending ideal for paintings and flat-colored illustrations. It also works well with the manga style and semi-realistic styles.Β 

Recommended Canvas size: 2300x2300 (and above) with 300 DPI.

I hope you like them. Have fun!

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List of the brushes:

- Eye Lightpen (for eye highlights)

- Smudge

- Lineart Clean Smooth (Standart lineart for flat colored drawings)

- Lineart Smooth Fast (Fast strokes; good for outer hair strokes)

- Lineart Soft Small (For finest details)

- Color Quick Flat Square (Standart square brush)

- Color Flat Hard (For flat coloring/shading)

- Color Flat MediumΒ 

- Color Flat Soft

- Round Brush (Can be used for blending)

- Medium Airbrush (For softer shadows)

- Soft Airbrush (For blush)

- Medium Airbrush Blender (Soft blending)

- Marker Blocky Smooth (Square brush for coloring and/or blending with the lineart)

- Marker Smooth Lineart (Square smooth lineart)

- Marker Lines (For more defined sketching)

- Marker Sketchy Soft (For softer sketches)

- Blur Hard Round (Round blur)

- Blur hard Square (Square blur)

- Blur Airbrush Soft (Very soft blur)

- Brush Lines (can be used for refining the edges while blending)

- Blender 1A Medium ColorΒ 

- Blender 1A Softer Color

- Blender Soft

- Blender Square Strong

- Blender 1A Square Medium Color

- Blender 1A Soft Square

- Blender1 Soft Square


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Azzylum's Default Brush Set for Procreate

342 ratings
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